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'Ina was great because she was always willing and eager to answer any questions that we had.  We liked the fact that she sees the project through till the very end and pays attention to all the small details.  Thanks Ina for taking the time to help us create our new yard. I look forward to the spring so we can get started.'

Amy Johnston     Calgary

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Pro Tips

Welcome to Garden Designs Pro Tips!

On a regular basis we will update our Pro Tips to discuss how you can achieve success in creating beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Tips for an Effective and Attractive Low Maintenance Garden Layout:

  • Use simple flowing shapes, not too many fragmented areas of lawn, planting beds bordered by buildings, paths, patios, solid fencing, concrete drainage swales, driveways, etc., instead of lawn so as to prevent invasive grass roots from getting into planting beds
  • Select plants that match the conditions in your yard. You need to have the right plant in the right place.
  • Planting beds need to be wide enough.  Making beds too small is a common mistake.  Plants need space to grow to their mature size and a buffer zone between them and the lawn.  Without this buffer zone, grass grows into the roots of your shrubs and becomes almost impossible to eradicate.